Leave My Carbs Alone

Fear of carbs, of gluten, of everything – we’ve distanced ourselves from the beauty of food, the art of it. It makes me sad when people say, ‘Oh, I don’t eat gluten. I don’t eat cheese. I don’t eat this. So I eat cardboard.’
-Olivia Wilde

The bad rep that carbs have makes my heart so sad. How could you give up carbs? They’re so good! If you don’t eat pasta, where the heck does your happiness come from??

I love carbs.  I REALLY love carbs.  Obviously, carbs need to be eaten in moderation, but everything you eat should be eaten in moderation.  I learned this the hard way:

Picture me, vegetarian Meg trying to eat healthy and addicted to fruits.  One week, I go through way too many cartons of blueberries. They were all I wanted to eat. Do you know what blueberries are full of? Fiber…I’m sure you can imagine how the rest of this story goes. Lesson learned, eat those delicious little berries in moderation.

So, the point of this post is to defend carbs.  Call me the Carb Defender…da da da da! (That was really lame, I’m sorry).  All of this information is gathered from livestrong.com, but I only used a website just to show everyone I’m not pulling things out of my ass.

  1. Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of fuel. Do you want to feel tired and crappy all the time? I don’t. In high school, I swam and played water polo.  The night before a big meet or tournament we would have team pasta dinners and load up on those carbs. By the time our bodies broke down into glucose (used for energy), we were getting ready to swim, compete, DOMINATE!! Glucose is also brain fuel.  My brain likey likey the brain fuel…maybe all the carbs I eat are why I’m so gosh darn smart 😉
  2. Carbs can be used for weight control. Say whaaaaattt?! Yes, I know, carbs are associated with weight gain. But again, moderation is important people! Guess what else is full of fiber? Carbs! Here’s a quote straight from the website I’m using because I’m feeling too lazy to paraphrase: Fiber-rich foods add bulk to your diet, making you feel full more quickly and satisfying your appetite for longer. High-fiber foods are generally low in calories as well, so getting enough fiber can help you lose weight.
  3. Another quote: Eating whole-grain foods, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, whole wheat, oats, bran and quinoa, gives you valuable fiber that can protect your heart and keep you feeling your best. Back to me: For the record, when I make pasta I use whole-grain pasta.  Cakes, cookies, products made with white flour and processed foods, which are generally low in fiber and often high in fat and added sugar, which are the “bad” carbs (let’s be real, I still eat all of those things anyways. My mom’s homemade white bread is god’s gift to man, I swear it). So, moral of the story, if you want a happy and healthy heart, keep on eating those whole-grains.
  4. As stated above, carbs are full of fiber! Fiber is really good for your digestive system (say it with me: in moderation). Without enough carbohydrates, you may not get enough fiber to keep your digestive system regular. Who wants to be constipated all the time? Not I!

Lastly, carbs are literally in everything.  Whether it’s a small amount or large amount, you can’t escape the carbs.  Even your fruits and veggies have carbs in them. Seriously, look it up.

Obviously, there are going to be critics on both sides of the argument. Maybe you’ll find someone that proves this whole argument wrong, and for that argument there will be another proving that one wrong, but that happens with literally everything.

Eat carbs or don’t eat carbs, I think carbs are sweet little babies that don’t deserve the bad rep they continue to get.

Carb Defender,out! *mic drop*

-side note: To people that are gluten-allergic, this post isn’t for you. That curse was not your doing.


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