The Suja One Day Juice Cleanse: My experience

17332999_1949626378599438_3567041197698449408_n(1)Okay, so here is my absolute honest review of the Suja one day renewal juice cleanse.

I’ll start with taste.  Step 1 was really good! It tasted like spicy lemonade, a combination I never thought would be pleasant, but it was.  It leaves a little bit of a burn going down your throat, but nothing painful or anything like that.  Step 2 tasted like straight up grass.  That is the only thing I can think of to describe it.  Step 3 was my favorite.  It tasted like an apple banana smoothie, and I love, love, love smoothies.

Results. I don’t really think there were any.  When you do this cleanse, you are supposed to also follow their meal plan, which I did.  Don’t do it.  Seriously, don’t follow the meal plan.  They give a lot of options for each meal, and these are the ones I went with because I had everything for each meal already in the cupboard and momma don’t have the money to go grocery shopping every day, okay. Breakfast: one medium apple and 20 almonds.  Lunch: one banana with 1 TSP of almond butter. Dinner: white bean and kale salad eaten at least 3 hours before you go to bed and don’t eat anything else afterwards. Wut.  Why would anyone want to starve themselves like this? I was sooooo hungry throughout the day, I ended up snacking on almonds literally all day.  The next day my stomach looked really flat and my abs were extra noticeable…probably because I starved myself the previous day.  When I worked out, though, I had 0 energy. My body didn’t have anything useful from the previous day to convert into energy that could be used in my normal workout.  I had to quit halfway through chest day because I was so fatigued and dizzy.  Before you ask, yes I was hydrated.  Even when I was doing the juice cleanse, I drink at least 70 ounces of water every day, so that wasn’t an issue.  The day after that the bloat was so real.  I drank even more water than normal so I wasn’t feeling so crappy and I loaded up on food that first day after the juice cleanse, so the second day I woke up and looked like I was 4 months pregnant.  It was crazy, but at least my body felt better and I had my energy and strength back.

This is my own personal experience with this specific juice cleanse, maybe other people have had better results.  I wouldn’t do it though.  A flat tummy is not worth torturing yourself over.  That is NOT body posi, people. Love your body no matter what!

*side note: I tried the juice cleanse because it was the Monday after St. Patrick’s Day weekend and all the alcohol and junk food I consumed throughout the weekend made my body feel gross…like…physically gross not mentally.


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