Sometimes Body Positive Is Hard

Back in March-ish I started a fitness instagram account to track my fitness progress. Part of my mentality has been to love my body while making it better. I don’t want to starve or overwork myself to see results faster. Most of the time, I don’t really struggle. Lately has been a different story. I’ve started to notice all the parts of me that are still really thick and are holding some fat. Noticing these things has started to destroy my mentality. Some of the girls I follow on instagram post before and after pictures where they looked like I did in the beginning-around the same time I started- and saw results almost immediately. I’m jealous. I’m sad. I hate myself and my body for not working harder and seeing results faster. 

In order to keep myself in the right mindset, here are the things I love about myself, physical or not:

I have compassion for all creatures 

I forgive easily 

I love easily 

I’m open to trying new things 

I have a love and constant craving for adventure 

I’m always willing to help others out

I stand up for what I believe in 

I’m pretty tall for a girl

I’ve got wide hips and a big ol booty 

I rock short hair pretty damn well 

I have cute baby abs peeking through 

My arms are way less flabby than they used to be

I find pleasure in helping others motivate themselves to eat healthier and start working out 

I have rockin taste in music

Even when I’m down on myself, I make sure everyone around me is comfortable in their own skin  

My freckles all over my body are pretty cute 

My skin is hella soft 

I have really cool tattoos and piercings 

My eyes are green, which isn’t very common

I can talk to just about anything

Many of my friends have told me when they first met me I completely lit up the room by walking in with a huge smile and treating everyone like I’ve known them forever. 

Honestly, at the end of this list, I’m already feeling so much better. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone is the same. Some people have better metabolisms, some people have more time to dedicate to this lifestyle, etc. I, and others, cannot continue to get down on myself just because I’m not exactly like someone else. So what if I’m a little thicker? My Momma’s genetics blessed me with a big butt and wide hips and I should take pride in that. With a big butt comes thicker thighs, duh Meghan. 

At the end of the day, we should all love ourselves. I’m looking at you, Meg. Your body is great even if it’s not just like that other instagram girls.

The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore. 


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